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$19.95 monthly service charge includes:
(Taxes apply in Illinois.)
  • Nationwide Cellular Service *
  • No Roaming Fees
  • Unlimited Alarm Notification
  • 5 Locate Credits Per Month (roll-over)
  • No Long Term Contract - Month to Month
  • Customer Support**
* Coverage may not be available in some areas. For use in the continental U.S. only.
** Hours of Operations: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST.



Monthly Service Charge
One-time Activation fee
  • Activation fee is charged at the time of activation. Monthly service is charged at the start of the next month. There is no prorating of service.
  • Locate Packages may be purchased at any time. To review available packages simply sign into your account and click the "Purchase Locates" link.
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